Information available to you 24/7

With today’s business pace, you need information at your fingertips, updated in real time, 24/7–that’s where our e-business solutions come in. Our web-based tools will help you simplify management of information and help us work together more efficiently and effectively. Our e-business solutions allow us to create a customized web site for you, using Ensync™ software developed by Steelcase and KiSP. On this site, we provide services that range from information-sharing to online purchasing and inventory management.
Information Sharing

  • Need a place to access up-to-date standards manuals? How about project schedules, drawing, meeting minutes? We can host these on the site we create for you—you can both access and post information.
  • Want instant access to copies of quotes, order information, delivery status, invoices? Your site links with our business system, so you can check your order status without playing phone tag trying to get information. Quotations, delivery dates, and invoice copies are available at the touch of a button.

Online Purchasing

  • Reduce the cost of issuing purchase orders and eliminate off-contract purchasing by activating online purchasing. We can create a customized catalog just for your organization that allows authorized users to easily purchase from a set of standards that you’ve defined. Speed the purchase process by minimizing the number of people who need to touch an order request while retaining purchasing authority through an automated approval process.
  • Integrate with your company’s online purchasing system. We can provide a punch-out to the site we create and return the order information through your system.

Inventory Management

  • Access reports that show the inventory that you have stored, allowing you to track and utilize existing assets, avoiding the cost of purchasing new. If you’ve activated online purchasing, you’ll have the option of selecting from inventory along with new purchases. Utilize your existing assets efficiently!