Protect your Investment

We’re proud to provide high-quality furniture that you can count on for many years of usage. We offer furniture maintenance services because even the best furniture needs a little help to withstand the scuffs, tears, nicks, spills, and dents of normal daily usage. Ask us about these furniture maintenance services:

  • Fabric protection for your seating or panels with our specialized FABRI-COATE process to repel dirt and stains
  • Spot removal and complete cleaning of fabric furniture panels, and cleaning of both leather and upholstered chairs of all kinds
  • Touch-up of both wood and metal furniture on location, at your convenience
  • Repair of desk, file or chair mechanisms
  • Planned maintenance programs for both your furniture and carpeting–don’t wait until your furniture looks dirty or worn. Planned maintenance can keep it looking like new.

Our service department is also happy to help with routine repair issues such as replacement of a chair’s pneumatic cylinder or adjustment of a file drawer or work surface. We can order replacement parts when you need different casters, a new seat cushion, replacement keys, or file cabinet inserts. Please submit your service request here