Protect your Cash Flow

Every company’s needs are different—you may not want to invest your cash in office furniture right now, or you may have some very temporary needs that you need to address. That’s why we offer leasing and rental options. OfficeScapes and Steelcase Financial Services work together to provide you not only the best interior solution but also the best financial solution to meet your business objectives. As the only captive financing company in the office furniture industry, Steelcase Financial Services offers flexible leasing options at highly competitive rates. Your lease can include:

  • Products – furniture, interior architectural elements such as moveable walls, lighting and more
  • Services – interior design, moving, maintenance, warehousing, installation and more
  • Accessories – keyboard shelves, foot rests, worktools

Do you want to have the benefits of owning the products or do you want to use them for a period of time and then have the flexibility of purchasing or returning at a later date? Maybe there are parts of your workplace environment that you want to refresh every few years. Steelcase Financial Services can help fulfill those needs

You can choose to own the products or you can use the products now and in the future, decide whether you want to purchase or return them. You can count on us to help provide the best solutions.

And to make it easy, you can include both your work environment products and services like interior design, delivery, and installation into your low, monthly payment. Just ask us for a quote.