Churn doesn't have to be a challenge

Experiencing ongoing churn in your facilities? Eliminate the hassles associated with all that change–let our experts in move/change management develop a customized Move/Add/Change program for you.

We’ve got the people, processes, experience, and technology necessary to manage moves effectively in your organization. We regularly manage more than 4,000 work orders per year, representing over 15,000 man hours annually through contracts with many major Colorado corporations.

Standard move/change management services you can expect from us:

  • Customized services based on your needs and identified through a discovery process
  • Comprehensive move schedules for all parties involved: your employees, truck schedules, installation and contractors (electricians, cabling, moving companies)
  • Pre-move walk through and orientations with your contractors
  • Manage facility-related requirements: dock and elevator reservations, staging areas, truck schedule and trash removal
  • Communicate process for employee packing and tagging
  • Inventory your existing product
  • Review planned furniture and systems layout
  • Integrate your existing furniture and new furniture
  • Supervise on-site and coordinate throughout move process
  • Online tools to facilitate the process
  • Ongoing measurement of effectiveness and cost reduction suggestions