Resources and Back Up Plans

New furniture installations or office remodels are tough to pull off–Murphy’s Law is likely to come into play. That’s where our team’s expertise and tools can save the day.

It all starts with good planning. We know what to expect based on our experience with large, complex installs, so we’ll work with you to develop a detailed implementation schedule that will meet your deadline. If you’re struggling with putting together a schedule for an upcoming project, ask us to help! We’ll help you plan for the varying manufacturer lead times and coordinate deliveries to meet your date.

We know that successful implementations are based on proven processes. Ask us to share more information about how these tools will ensure an on-time installation:

Project Set Up Process Ensures that all projects follow the same naming/filing methodology so project history and detail is stored such that retrieval of information, years later, is a snap.
11-Step Specification Check Our commitment to achieving perfection in the detailed specification of your order.
Validation Process Eliminates unwelcome surprises by communicating thoroughly with customers about their new furniture plans and product specifications before orders are placed or reconfiguration work commences.
Project Status Reports Updates how you want them…by phone, e-mail, or on a customized Web site available 24/7.
Punch Process A three-step punch process that ensures that quality goals are met and punch items are quickly resolved.
We also know that our extensive resources allow us to overcome almost any hiccup your project encounters. We pride ourselves on having a well-oiled team that can fill in seamlessly when any member is unavailable.

Schedule Planning Help

Need help figuring out how much time you need to implement your project? Let us help!
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