We understand your pressures and budgets

We know you need to hit your numbers, and we have lots of options to help you do that. If you’re embarking on furnishing a new space, those options can be overwhelming. How do you know what kind of budget to allocate in order to create a work environment that will leverage your investment in your people?

Quality, design, fit and finish, price—the range is extensive. We can help you sort out your needs and figure out what you can get at varying price levels and what the tradeoffs are. We can also help you understand better what to look for when comparing various options.

If cash flow is an issue, leasing is an option that can make furniture more affordable for you. Read more here about how Steelcase Financial Services can provide one-stop-shop convenience so that you can finance furniture, interior architectural elements.

Our extensive experience in managing large projects means we’re ready to handle any implementation curves that are thrown our way.  Read more here about how our processes ensure that your project comes in on time and on budget.

Here’s the value you can expect from our team:

  • We will listen carefully to your concerns and requirements.
  • We will focus on finding the best solution for your needs at a budget that you can afford.
  • We will review all the details of your order with you before placing it and thoroughly review all pricing agreements. There should be no surprises when your order arrives.
  • We will advocate with our manufacturers to get the best possible pricing and delivery time for you.
  • We will work closely with you to outline a detailed implementation schedule that will meet your deadlines.
  • We will keep you informed if any changes occur that affect delivery dates or your installation schedule.
  • Our installation team will make every effort to complete your installation with as few punch list items as possible, and we will work hard to resolve any issues promptly.
  • We will seek out your feedback on our performance and use your suggestions to improve our processes.
  • We will value your relationship with us and stay in touch after the sale.

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