P r o d u c t s   p i c t u r e d   a b o v e   i n c l u d e : 

Stylex Underline

Designtex Hillside

Carl Hansen Cuba Chair

BluDot Bub Table Lamp

Established & Sons Grid Collection

Moooi Hubble Bubble

Fatboy Thierry Le Swinger

Coalesse Marien 152 Collection

Established & Sons Lucio Chair


W H A T  W E ‘ R E  D I G G I N ‘

Balancing comfort and elegance, Tom Dixon’s Wingback is ready to envelope you in a hug. Available in micro and standard back height.

Steelcase Wingback Chairs

No more gathering around a single laptop while collaborating. Now share your screen anywhere with Steelcase’s Flex Media Cart.

Steelcase Flex Media Cart

Loving the angles of Orangebox’s On The QT, with an optional occupational censor and offered in two heights— both Haley approved.

Orangebox On The QT

L E T ‘ S  D I G  I N

The Newest Research on the Era of Hybrid

It’s time to give people what they want! We’ve heard it before but it’s truer now more than ever, what people really want is to feel valued and feel a sense of belonging. Learn more about Steelcase’s key findings and designing ‘Hybrid Neighborhoods’. Remember, you can always find the freshest articles at Steelcase 360!

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