COVID-19 is dominating news reels, inboxes, and conversations worldwide. There’s no avoiding it, but amidst uncertainty and anxiety we’re all searching for moments of inspiration, human connection, and uplifting stories. At OfficeScapes, we didn’t have to look far 

Steelcase has rapidly answered the call of healthcare professionals needing personal protection equipment (PPE), and we admire the contributions and sacrifices they have made during the COVID-19 crisis. We are so proud to have them as a partner.  

What are they doing? 

PPE Produced by Steelcase per Week:

Steelcase is using its plants, model shop and innovation center to rapidly develop solutions that will be built and distributed to medical facilities across the United States. The company is working in partnership with healthcare professionals to approve designs for prompt turnarounds. Steelcase is set to produce 6,000 masks and 12,500 face shields per week, just in its Grand Rapids, Mich. facilities. The company is working hard to expand production to other geographies including Alabama, Mexico, Germany and other key partners.  

Additionally, Steelcase is working with community healthcare partners, like Spectrum Health and Mercy Health, to help protect healthcare workers on the front lines of this battle. In a very short period, Steelcase prototyped and produced clear plexiglass barriers to help protect Spectrum employees tasked with screening visitors who may have been exposed to COVID-19. These Separation Screens are now available to order nationwide and will be prioritized in production. 

It’s always inspiring to see individuals helping each other, but it’s equally inspiring to see a large corporation pivot and prioritize the greater societies needs in a way that will make a differenceIt’s heartwarming. Stories like this will get us through.  

To learn more about what Steelcase is doing to support our global community you can read their story, It’s Personal – Keeping Healthcare Workers Safe.. For more information on their response to COVID-19 visit 

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