THIS -or- THAT: Meet Robbie Miller of OfficeScapes

Editor’s Note: THIS -or- THAT posts will introduce you to the Good People who work at OfficeScapes, as well as other…

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Julie Huckfeldt-min

THIS -or- THAT: Meet Julie Huckfeldt of OfficeScapes

Editor’s Note: This is the first post of many that will introduce you to the Good People who work at OfficeScapes,…

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COVID-19 Standing Together

Proud Partner Post: Steelcase produces personal protective equipment during COVID-19 pandemic 

COVID-19 is dominating news reels, inboxes, and conversations worldwide. There’s no avoiding it, but amidst uncertainty and anxiety we’re all searching for moments of inspiration, human connection, and uplifting stories. At OfficeScapes, we…

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Welcome Image – Final GREEN

Welcome to DIG: Your Source for Design, Inspiration and Good People

I am excited to announce a new OfficeScapes blog: DIG, where I will share my thoughts on:  Design trends and research Inspiration, wherever it can be found, and…

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