I am excited to announce a new OfficeScapes blog: DIGwhere I will share my thoughts on: 

Design trends and research
Inspiration, wherever it can be found, and an opportunity to meet
Good people from inside and outside our organization 

But first, who am I you ask 

My name’s Tess! Im a Strategic Solutions Consultant at OfficeScapes and am here to help companies maximize their workspace to support their employees, business goals, and culture. I’m a bit of a furniture nerd, always have been, and am excited to start this journey with you. I’ll be the author of most posts you see on DIG, but you can plan on guest appearances as well.  

Before we jump into the good stuff, you should know that mood boards are one of my favorite things to make. So, naturally, I made one that’s filled with things that inspire me. You’ll find it at the top of this page to the right of my face. Let’s dig into why I included each photo (see what I did there): 

  • Donuts: yum. I’m a regular Homer Simpson over here but they really are my favorite food group. There’s no faster way to make me happy, unless you’re a puppy. Speaking of... 
  • Winston & Sophie: my two puppies! Both are Smooth Coat Collies, adorably talkative, and curled up next to me as I type.  
  • Italy: snapped the picture of those stone steps and green canopy on one of the (daily) hikes I took on those stairs in Sorrento. Italy, it’s food, people, and their perspective on life will always hold a special place in my heart.  
  • Family: Definitely the biggest inspiration in my life. I extend the definition of family to include close friends and my work family because together they build the foundation of a good life.
  • Design: Yup. Good design is a HUGE inspiration for me (as are the people who work in it). I would argue it inspires everyone, whether they realize it or not. I challenge you to walk into a beautifully designed building and not stand taller, smile, and feel confident!

Until next time, friends.